Top 3 Advantages of Small Batch PCB Assembly

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In the year 2000, printed circuit boards became a $7.1 billion industry. Data collected from 2012 shows that the industry of these boards skyrocketed to over $60. Printed circuit boards have become an extremely popular industry. Many companies use these boards in all sorts of electronic equipment. It’s understandable that your business may only need a few circuit boards. Here are three reasons why it’s wise to utilize small batch PCB assembly.

  • Lower Overhead Costs

    It can be extremely difficult for small business owners to find the finances and space for printed circuit board manufacturing. It can cost huge sums of money to purchase this type of equipment on your own. It makes much more sense to have small batch PCB assembly outsourced to another business. Every business owner knows the importance of making wise financial decisions. Choosing to enlist the help of a small batch PCB assembly company can save your business large amounts of money.
  • Fast Turnaround Time

    In the past, circuit board production was done largely by hand. The invention of machine assembly for circuit boards has rapidly increased production times. One single line can place and solder components faster than 50 workers doing these tasks by hand. Certain small batch PCB assembly services can provide a final product in five days or less, depending on the specifications needed. You’ll often have an extremely fast turn around time when creating a low volume PCB order.
  • Low Cost Testing Method

    Many businesses utilize small batch PCB assembly for testing purposes. No company wants to spend a large amount of money during early stages of testing. It doesn’t make sense to order 10,000 printed circuit boards when you only need 10. In addition, working with a PCB supplier that only works with large batches leave you on the hook for the remaining boards. You don’t want to have valuable inventory space taken up by printed circuit boards that are no longer needed.

In summary, there are certain advantages of utilizing small batch PCB assembly. Many businesses don’t have the finance or space requirements to assemble their own circuit boards. You’ll find that outsourcing printed circuit board production saves your business a lot of money in overhead costs. Small batch PCB orders can often be completed in a short amount of time. Every great device is the end result of countless hours of testing. Ordering small amounts of printed circuit boards allows companies to test out product design ideas without spending a fortune.

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