Tough Equipment For Tough Jobs The Durability Of The Rugged And Semi-Rugged Panasonic Toughbooks

Sometimes you need tougher equipment for the job.

Yes, that even goes for traditionally ‘fragile’ creations like laptops. When you work in the field and need something that can hold up to potential drops or heavy temperatures, only the best will do. You have a lot of sensitive data, after all, and just one accident can ruin days of research. Rugged laptops and semi-rugged notebooks are designed to weather all these difficulties alongside you. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to compliment your hard work, even when the going gets extra tough.

Which one will suit your career best? Find out below so you can start reaping the benefits of today’s cutting edge technology.

Rugged Laptops And Tablet Are Far From New

It’s understandable to think this is brand new technology. Computers are generally considered fragile materials, able to succumb to moisture, temperature, or a single hard drop. The first laptop was developed back in the 1970’s, one-fifth the weight of any computer used at the time. Since then ongoing tests have been conducted to create the most sturdy and flexible resource for people on the field. The Environmental Engineering Considerations And Laboratory Tests is a United States Military Standard that will combine environmental design and test limits to match outside conditions.

It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry When Your Data Is At Stake

When you’re out on the field, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you work in civil engineering or biological research, it’s common knowledge anything can happen. Toughbook laptop computers for sale are, quite literally, designed with the worst in mind. The loss of just one laptop can cost a business over $45,000 on average, including the cost of the laptop, downtime, and management time. Your investment now will save you a lot of backtracking.

Rugged Toughbooks Are Perfect For Harsh Conditions

It’s important to keep in mind all toughbooks have unique qualities. You absoultely do not want to buy the wrong kind of toughbook laptop computers for sale and be faced with a surprise meltdown or breakage. A recent survey found that, by the end of their fifth year in use, over 60% of laptops used in fieldwork settings are in need of serious repairs. While some of this can be attributed to a well-loved piece of equipment, some of it can also be blamed on buying the wrong type for the job. Rugged laptop computers are the toughest of the tough, with the fully rugged Panasonic leading the pack.

Semi-Rugged Toughbooks Provide Just The Basics You Need

Some might need a tougher-than-average laptop, but not quite as durable as the Panasonic toughbook. The term you’re looking for is the semi-rugged, the perfect in-between to give you that flexibility you need without going too far in one direction. The thin and lightweight toughbook is easy to use and comes with a host of features, including (but not limited to) the most recent processor, hard disk storage, and a crystal clear screen. They can handle drops and spills, right alongside free lifetime tech support. It’s all in the name of convenience when you invest in toughbook laptop computers for sale.

Finding The Right Toughbook To Compliment Your Lifestyle

Let’s do a little review. Toughbook laptop computers for sale are designed to be the best in today’s technology with an extra boost, able to hold up to harsh temperatures and damage alike. Rugged laptops are able to survive extreme temperatures and high altitudes, while semi-rugged are better for those that want to survive the occasional spill or drop. You can find a refurbished Panasonic toughbook to try things out, then upgrade to a fully rugged Panasonic toughbook later. There are also rugged tablets and Panasonic toughpads to round out the variety.

A tough job needs even tougher equipment, the worst of which will be matched by your toughbook laptop computers for sale.

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