Trying To Save Money On Your Home Entertainment System? You’re Not Alone

Usb 2.0 extension cable

Finding the right cables to match your home entertainment system, be it for a brand new game console or an older television, can seem like a real chore. Where do you even start with names like CAT6 ethernet cables or HDMI? Lay all those fears to rest, as much of this technological equipment is far simpler than it may initially seem and can be quite easy to get the hang of once you learn the basics. Below is a quick and easy list of what you should look for when creating the entertainment center you’ve always wanted, with low budgets and newcomers first and foremost in consideration!

What Basics Should I Know?

Let’s start off with the easiest aspects. Finding the right cable doesn’t mean much if you don’t maintain it over time, as frayed or damaged wires can reduce effectiveness of your product and even cause a fire hazard if not checked! The year 2008 saw a whopping 53,000 home fires caused by faulty phone charger cables and television wires, so let’s make sure to choose quality over quantity and toss any damaged cables you might still have laying around. CAT5 and CAT6 ethernet cables can last five to ten years easily if well taken care of!

How Do I Upgrade My Phone Charger?

Everyone needs a smart phone, but not everyone knows how to keep it fighting fit! Smartphones have a lifespan of about two years and will last longer if you use a good charger. There are even ways to get more out of your battery life, as a 12-watt iPad charger can be used to juice up an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus in half the time of the charger your phone usually comes with. Take that into consideration when you’re out on the market and see if you can’t get more bang for your buck.

What Are HDMI Cables?

These cables are used to link your equipment together and provide you with different types of service, like Internet or television. There are three types of HDMI Standard cables — there’s the regular HDMI Standard, the HDMI Standard with Ethernet and the HDMI Standard Automotive. The average person will use an HDMI High Speed, as slow Internet is definitely a relic of the past, while someone who needs more powerful Internet service might choose something even faster. While it’s a popular myth that HDMI cables can cost an upwards of $50 or more, there are plenty of affordable cables on the market that work just as well.

What Are CAT Cables?

These cables, on the other hand, are frequently used for networks and multi-line phone systems. The CAT5e, for example, has a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and is a vast improvement over the previous CAT5 model. The CAT6 ethernet cables and CAT6a models are prime options for people who need more power and responsiveness in their network settings, with maximum frequencies of 250 MHz and 500 MHz respectively. Keep in mind that the length of fiber optic cables or cell phone cables doesn’t affect the output and should only be considered if you have a particularly big living room or office space!

Setting Up Your Entertainment System

Whether you have a flat-screen television or a powerful PC with multiple monitors, the difference between a successful set-up and a disaster is all in the arrangement. Make sure your wires are long enough to accommodate extra space around the room and be sure to keep them far away from floor heaters and any pets you might have. There’s no need to go all out on your budget, either, and you can find plenty of affordable (even used) cable options that function just as well as the shiny models companies have on display. Now that you’re caught up on the basics, go forward and buy your USB cables or CAT6 ethernet cables with confidence!

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