Want to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction? Use an Answering Service

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There are only so many hours in the day. For years, businesses have been trying to figure out ways to make the most out of every one of those precious 24 hours. Many things have been tried, from shift work to opening offices on both coasts. But nothing has been more productive for businesses than being able to manage their customer service issues around the clock by employing an after hours answering service.

If you are a company that does business to consumer transactions, then you already know that normal business hours simply don’t exist anymore. If someone has a 9 to 5 job, it will be virtually impossible for them to get customer service issues settled during the regular work day. They need to be able to speak with someone on their off hours. At a time where it is convenient for them. Simply by offering customers an opportunity to have their concerns addressed when it is convenient for them you will increase the customer satisfaction rate for your company.

With a live operator answering service, your customers will be able to speak with a live person anytime. Any complaints, questions or concerns can be addressed right away, and this is extremely important if you want your customer base to come back to you for future purchases. An after hours answering service tackles customer service issues as they arise and makes thigs right no matter what time of day or night it happens to be.

Many businesses have already realized that having a quality online presence is very important in this day and age of international business. It harkens back to the days of mail order catalogs but is more like mail order cataloging on steroids. People from all over the world can see the products you offer in a matter of seconds and order whatever they want to be shipped anywhere in the world to their front doors. While this is all well and good, nothing can replace the person to person communication that comes with a call handling service.

A live telephone answering service that is a 24/7 answering service
guarantees that a customer will be able to reach a live person at any time, regardless of where they are in the world. One of the main reasons that this is so crucial is that 45% of consumers polled said that they would abandon an online purchase if their customer service concerns weren’t addressed in a prompt fashion.

The fact is, an after hours answering service is such an easy fix for any customer service issues you might be dealing with by not having one. Think of just how much you stand to lose by letting time go by before a customer can get his questions answered.

Business today is international. There are possibilities for customers anywhere in the world. Don’t lose any because you aren’t ready to handle their customer service concerns. Get an after hours answering service today.

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