Wastewater Collection Systems are at the Heart of Our Civilization

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We use our wastewater collection systems every single day and, most likely, never give much thought to the fact that they even exist, let alone what they are doing for ourselves and our community every hour of every day.

For the most part, out of site out of mind is a major component to why this is. We don’t think much about what we do not see, and what we do not see is the way large water tanks and the various piping methods take care of our waste water. Municipal water treatment facilities number about 16,000 throughout the country, from big cities to rural communities.

Over two-thirds of the population of the United States is served by centralized wastewater collection and treatment systems. The structure that makes up these systems takes what we do not use in terms of water and manages the removal and distribution of that wastewater. Stormwater, as well as wastewater, is managed through these wastewater collection systems.

Wastewater is the water that leaves our businesses and homes through our everyday use. We shower, run the sink, flush the toilet and perform many other tasks that lead to wastewater. It is simply a part of our daily lives.

Stormwater is the rainwater that falls and runs off. When water runs off the roads and asphalt parking lots and places of that nature, the wastewater collection systems have been put in place to catch and funnel that water into a manageable direction. Many times, the stormwater is collected in large water tanks that gather the water for specific purposes.

When you think of a wastewater collection system, you can think of it as a tree. A tree has many different leaves which are connected to stems which are connected to a branch which is connected to the trunk of the tree. If the leaves are the many different homes and businesses in your community, you can see and understand how the wastewater will travel from your home into the system that eventually carries the wastewater to the water treatment plant.

The many large water tanks that are involved in holding the water, especially in times of heavy rain, become extremely important when dealing with wastewater and large capacity water storage. A large capacity water tank could also be used in collecting water for fire service.

When you drive through a city or small town, you might likely see a fire water storage tank perched on high. These large water tanks are there to collect the rain water that falls during the course of the year. All of that rainwater is gathered in the above ground water tank and being held in case it is ever needed.

Large water tanks are an integral part of every wastewater management system and have many other uses as well. You can purchase these tanks and, if you find you have a need, you can rent them as well.

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