What Does a Day in the Life of a Flower Delivery Driver Look Like? – Sky Business News

Perhaps you were focused on the bouquet of flowers they arrived. The beauty, the color and fragrance. Did you think about what it was like when you delivered flowers? The video gives some insight about the day-to-day life for the people who are involved in flower delivery.

The video is narrated by a real florist. In areas with more rural locations, it can be challenging to make deliveries on time due to the distances that delivery people are required to cover. Weather is another important obstacle to overcome. When it’s below 35 degrees, they cannot let the flowers outside. The temperature must be to at least 35 degrees when they are required to distribute an arrangement. The best option is to make arrangements with your neighbours in these situations. Most of the time, individuals are happy to accept this route. Sometimes, however, the delivery address is enough that there aren’t anyone nearby to help with the flowers or plants. If this occurs, the delivery service will need to leave a note on the door before taking flowers to the shop. Then you’ll know what happens on a day for a flower delivery person is as.


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