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Governments and agencies are adopting new techniques, the utilization of these concepts in avian ecotoxicology testing has gradually increased in recent years.
It is vital to keep in mind the fact that there are no specific standards for avian species and uncertainty in extrapolating tests based on cells. These methods have been employed by toxicologists in many research areas, such as mother-to-child deposition and metabolic deposits. They also illustrate the wide applicability cell-based methods.
The best use of Ovo methods is for studies about the early and reproductive processes, and metabolism with primary cells. Long-term studies require culture using the use of cell lines, research through organ slices, and the ability to predict using models of organs-on-chip. When deciding on which one is best suited for the planned study, researchers need to consider each model’s limitations.
In the light of current research and future research, avian cells-based models for testing could benefit from increasing metabolic conservation in whole replacement methods and diversifying the types of animals that can be used in cell line. To enhance the effectiveness in animal testing and reduce its expansion, researchers should look into in vitro and first cell cultures. 48zx2tqqe9.

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