What is Sitefinity, and Who Uses It?

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With global eCommerce continuing on its meteoric rise, there has never been a more important time to build a high-quality eCommerce solution for your business and start breaking into the eCommerce sphere. Consider, according to Forbes, eCommerce in the United States will break $440 billion by 2017. Likewise, mCommerce, sales made through mobile devices, is expected to grow to over $100 billion by the same year.

While it’s true that SEO, content marketing, and the like are crucial components of any effective web marketing campaign, the best place to start is with a content management system that was built with eCommerce web design in mind. For that, there are few better choices than Sitefinity.

What is Sitefinity?
Sitefinity is a content management system designed by the Telerik corporation. Because it was built with the singular purpose of being a CMS for eCommerce retailers, it features powerful retail-improvement tools that many other content management tools lack. While, according to W3Tech.com, Sitefinity is only used by 0.2% of known websites at present, the user-base it has developed is made up of la creme de la creme of international commerce.

Who Uses the Sitefinity CMS?

  • Sony
  • As Bloomberg writes, Sony is an 80 billion Yen ($78b USD) per year electronics giant based in Japan. For the last decade, the tech corporation has dominated the video game industry, even playing a major role in the development of the blu-ray disc, a huge technological improvement over the DVD. To make its sales goals a reality, Sony relies on Sitefinity hosting to offer its customers a reliable eCommerce portal.

  • Reuters
  • Like Sony, Reuters depends on Sitefinity hosting to grant its customers access to a high-end, navigable webpage. When you consider that Reuters’ content reaches over 3.8 million Americans a month, according to statistics from Reuters.com, it becomes clear how badly they need a reliable content management system if they want to survive. It just goes to show you that even a news agency that has been in business since 1926 can benefit from evolving into the Internet Age.

  • Ferrari
  • When you think of super-cars, the name “Ferrari” undoubtedly springs to mind. Since Enzo Ferrari left Alpha Romeo in 1929, Ferrari has been synonymous with quality, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s when the Ferrari 357 was released that the brand exploded into the global market. This super-car manufacturer remains at the top of any car fan’s most-wanted list. Subsequently, Ferrari relies on Sitefinity hosting to bring all car fanatics an easy way to learn more about their top-of-the-line luxury vehicles.

If many of the most powerful companies in the world rely on Sitefinity hosting to improve their businesses, why shouldn’t you? The best way to improve your own company in 2014 is to improve your online presence and eCommerce potential. By making use of the Sitefinity CMS, you can accomplish both goals.

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