What To Do if Your Pet Has a Medical Emergency – Dog Health Issues

This article provides information on what to do in case your pet is suffering from an emergency.

The first step is to determine if there is an emergency brewing. It is important to determine if your pet is acting strangely. Does it consume food or take a drink? Can it control its bladder and bowel? Do they urinate? Are breathing and heart rate normal? If the answer to many of these is negative is a great idea to bring their pet to an emergency vet.

The most commonly reported cases include bleeding of some type, ingestion of toxic substances, inability to stand and walk difficulties breathing, hard abdomen, swollen/hard and vomiting repeatedly, or having trouble eating.

Pay attention to your dog’s situation even if you’re not sure of what the cause is. It may be something minor and resolves after a few minutes, but it’s not be a long-lasting issue.

For additional information about pet emergencies as well as additional examples, visit the link to the video in the video above.


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