What to Expect at the Dentist – Free Health Videos

It’s a simple. This is what to be expecting from your initial visit.

Arrive at the reception desk once you arrive. Before your appointment the receptionist will present you with paperwork. This typically includes your information regarding your contact, health history, insurance number, and a area to record any concerns concerning your teeth.

It is not uncommon for x-rays to be taken of your teeth on your first visit. When the dentist takes a picture, you will be required to chew on the paper. To take pictures from different angles, they’ll do this several times.

The dentist will look over your teeth with some metal tools. The team will note the number on each tooth and determine the most effective way to rectify it if there’s any concerns. It is possible that you will need to schedule a an appointment with the dentist to discuss these problems.

A hygienist will clean and brush your teeth. You may even get a free toothbrush.

This video will give additional details on what you can expect from your appointment.


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