Which Types of Circuit Boards are Commonly Used?

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Printed circuit boards have certainly come a long way from their beginnings. Before design software became popular for PCB companies, designing these boards had to be done in a much different way. In the past Mylar sheets were used to design photomasks of boards that were often much larger than the actual board itself.

  • Single Sided Circuit Boards: These boards get their name from only using a single layer of the base material. In most cases, this base is covered with a very thin layer of copper. A protective layer is often placed around the base copper layer. A single sided board will only have working components on a single side. Electronics that are of a simpler nature will usually feature a single sided board. In many cases, PCB manufacturing companies produce many of these boards due to how inexpensive they are.
  • Double Sided Boards: Boards with that are double sided connect using either through hole or surface mount technology. Many circuit board assembly services are well versed in creating either option for double sided boards. While single sided boards are very inexpensive, double sided boards are more often used. Double sided boards allow for many components to be added in a small area. Therefore double sided boards allow a product to perform many functions within the confines of a small space.
  • Multilayered Circuit Boards: These type of boards are often going to be used in products that need a lot of circuit board power. It is common to see multilayered boards used in computers and medical equipment. These boards might not be the most inexpensive to produce but they can carry out functions most other circuit boards can’t match. The PCB fabrication process for multilayered can create many different options, depending upon the needs of a project. Many PCB manufacturing companies will use copper that is only a few ounces thick.
  • In closing, printed circuit boards feature many distinct types. The type of board you will need will be dependent upon the technology you are using and how intensive it is. Many PCB manufacturing companies are able to offer you a wide range of circuit board solutions. Single sided boards are inexpensive and used for more simple electronics. Double sided boards allow for the inclusion of more electronic components for a product to include. Multilayered boards are often used with more complex products like computers.

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