Why You Need a Strong IT Team for Business Success

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Smaller to medium sized businesses will always struggle with keeping up with large corporations. Larger corporations have more resources, including advanced software project management, Atlassian toolsets, and entire teams that are dedicated to information technology. IT teams are also more likely to have advanced agile software development expertise professionals. Even if you are unable to directly compete with these larger corporate sized businesses, you can expand your IT skills with the following recommendations.

Why you need a strong IT team
It is first important to understand why agile software development expertise is so beneficial to a business. Some would say that IT is the basis of all businesses, especially in the technological world that we currently live in. IT teams place focus on increasing efficiency, protecting data, and advancing the business. Without the latest software tools, such as Atlassian product installation, it can be difficult to keep up with proven successful tools. Additionally, protecting data is extremely important with so many security and data breaches occurring lately.

Finally, without a strong IT team, you will find it almost impossible to advance at the same rate as your competitors. High performing businesses are twice as likely to tie IT projects to revenue. According to a recent study by Atlassian, the top performing IT teams do these five things, put business first, master technology, invest in speed, make customers a priority, and be proactive. Without careful and dedicated attention to each of these areas, the business is unlikely to succeed.

How to advance your current IT team
Most businesses have at least one or two employees with job tasks dedicated to IT projects. However, if you currently only have one or two employees, it may be beneficial to the success of the business to increase this number. With so many IT related tasks, it can be difficult for one or two employees to effectively keep up with all of them. It can also be advantageous to encourage further IT training of current employees. There are many IT trainings and certifications that will advance their skills and also advance the success of your business. Sending current IT team members to IT training can also help them become agile software development experts.

How to recruit new IT professionals
Dedicating too small of a budget to the IT team will not get you the best employee candidates. If you want agile software development expertise, you are going to have to pay for them. Fortunately, you will find that advancing training or hiring better qualified employees will pay back significantly. A single increase to profits or even introducing more efficient of agile project management tools that allow other employees to better do their jobs will help the business to grow quicker. Software projects training can be extremely beneficial, even to the smallest of businesses. In a recent survey, 44% of respondents cited cost savings as an important reason to adopt Agile methods.

The majority of businesses cannot be successful today, without advanced technology. A missing component, however, is a technically advanced IT team. The IT team of your business may be more important that you initially considered. Putting money into the training and development of an IT team can substantially pay off with increased profits, more efficiency when it comes to job tasks, and a quicker growth in terms of marketing and sales.

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