Why Your Business Should Get to Know a Good Print Shop

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Operating a business comes with plenty of challenges and difficulties. There is so much to think about, organize, and stay on top of. And just one major part of operating a successful business is being visible to current and potential customers and clients. There are a number of ways to do this these days, especially in the age of technology and online traffic. But it still helps to utilize some old tried and true marketing methods, such as eye catching signage right at the physical site of your brick and mortar business.

Finding the right print shop for your signage needs

There are multiple ways to grab the attention of your customers. From LED displays and big, bright neon signs to clever, cute, or quirky slogans and catchphrases, people will be drawn in to creativity and the promise of finding just what they have been looking for. Or perhaps your signs will make them realize they need something that they never knew they had been missing. Whatever the case may be, signage is important. For that reason, you want your signage to look professional. Finding the perfect print shop that can meet all of your needs can be just as important as setting up the right shelving display within your store. There are plenty of printing companies to choose from, so you will want to do some investigating to find which one offers the printing services that will work for you.

If you are not sure just how effective the right signage for your business can be, consider that those current and potential customers who live within a radius of five miles of your company will see your company’s signs as many as 50 to 60 times every month. It has been estimated that the value of the right signs on site is the equivalent of 24 newspaper ads running full page every year. The right sign can be quite impactful. In fact, around 50% of people who end up entering a company or business are doing so because that signage caught their eye.

Logo, brand, and banner printing for trade shows

Another reason to form a positive relationship with your local print shop is if you are involved in the trade show circuit. Of course, depending on your business, trade shows may or may not fit into your typical routine or seem to make sense for what your company is about. But countless businesses find them to be exceptionally useful for making connections, learning more about the different aspects of the trade, and furthering their image in the local or regional area.

Something to learn as you break onto this scene is the general setup of trade show booths. You are going to want the right signage here as well. If you are taking a page from a veteran exhibitor, you will plan your signage carefully with your local print shop, as the graphic design for your booth should end up being about 40% empty space, making it easier to quickly draw the eye to the most significant information or images.

While your first few shows might feel a bit overwhelming at first, it is important to have the end goal in mind. And know that nearly all marketers in one survey said that they discovered unique value from exhibits at a trade show that they were not able to derive from other marketing strategies, methods, or mediums.

Finding your perfect signage is a key element in forward progress for your business. Getting in touch with your local printing services will help you take off on the right path toward success.

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